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Museum of Local History, Kagarlyk

The Kagarlyk Museum of Local History is a small house in the center of the town of Kagarlyk that holds a collection of objects and historical materials that tell about the life and culture of this region and its inhabitants. The premise has more than two hundred years of history. Initially, there was a hotel where, according to legend, the maidens of Empress Catherine II lived. Later it housed a post office. The Local History Museum was established in 1974 thanks to the initiative of local activists.

Trinity Church, Kagarlyk

In the town of Kagarlyk there is an elegant Trinity Church. This modern temple was erected on the site of the same name
shrines with a rich history that were destroyed in Soviet times. The predecessor church was built here on the initiative of Secretary of State Dmitry Troshchinsky, who was presented by the Russian Queen Catherine II of Kaharlyk’s estate. Troshchynsky invested in the construction of the temple and also built a cozy park near European models, which is now a monument of landscape art.

Troshchinsky Park, Kagarlyk

Troshchinsky Park (Kagarlytsky Park) is one of the most attractive places in the district center of Kyiv region. It
a monument of landscape art of the 18th-19th centuries. Here, the locals love to relax, they do not miss
his attention and tourists. There were times when the Troshchinsky Park competed for the championship with the famous Uman
Sofiyivka. Then, in its center, stood a magnificent palace with a collection of works of art and a large library.
Several local oaks, he says, were planted by Nikolai Gogol himself.

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